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The MNYTD survey gives YOU a path to have your voice heard and help other youth who are in out of home placement. The survey asks you simple questions like whether or not you’re employed or going to school. Your voice is important to influence services for future youth, and help secure funding for ILS services!


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17-year-old youth are selected to be part of the survey every 3 years, on what is called a “survey year”. Once selected, they will complete a survey with a case manager and the survey team will follow up with them to take the survey again at 19 and 21.


When do I take the survey?

If you are selected to be part of the survey, your case manager will have gone over it with you at 17. If you participated at 17, you will be asked to take the survey again near your 19th and 21st birthdays.


The survey has 20 questions and usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


Survey youth get money for participating! 
– Get $30 gift card for completing at age 19.
– Get $50 gift card for completing at age 21. 
– Get a small gift every year with your birthday card. 
If we don’t know where to send your card, you will not receive your money. 

“Taking the survey helps improve government-funded services that have helped youth like me be successful. I want other youth to have the same opportunities as myself.”

Russell Barnes


Isa, Kayla, and Brita keep in touch with youth who were selected to be in the survey. They are responsible for ensuring that these young people are given the opportunity to participate in the survey. These three individuals are staff at The Improve Group, an independent evaluation and research firm located in St. Paul, MN.

Isabel marsh

Isabel wants to contribute to a better world! One way in which she does this at The Improve Group (TIG) is by helping social programs improve through evaluation. At the MNYTD project, Isabel loves giving away incentives to the youth and gets inspired by their creativity and resiliency.  When she is not working, she enjoys gardening, spending time with family, and traveling.

Kayla Meyers

Kayla enjoys working at The Improve Group (TIG) because she gets to meet and support passionate people working for great causes. She enjoys (often virtually) meeting youth and hearing about their stories in her work on the MNYTD project. When she’s not working at TIG, you can find her strolling around the chain of lakes in Minneapolis or searching out new restaurants and good food!

Brita Blesi

What Brita loves most about working at The Improve Group is learning about all the new and exciting things communities are doing are doing to support each other. Brita enjoys working on the MNYTD project because it’s a great way for youth to have their voice heard and valued. In her free time, Brita enjoys drinking coffee, exploring trails, and spending time on the North Shore.

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DHS has contracted The Improve Group to administer the MNYTD survey. Please help us by reaching out to current or former youth on your caseload and ask them to participate. The Improve Group takes data privacy and security seriously; DHS has authorized us to receive contact information on the youth in the survey sample, which we protect judiciously. If you continue to have concerns, please contact:

Kim Lemcke, MS

Independent Living Coordinator and Facilitator of the Minnesota Youth Leadership Council
Adolescent Services, Child Safety and Permanency
Minnesota Department of Human Services
651-431-4686 | kim.lemcke@state.mn.us


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