Minnesota Youth in Transition Database (MNYTD) Notice of Privacy Practices

What is this?

This document explains a survey that you are being asked to be part of about foster care youth in Minnesota. The survey is required by the federal government because it provides Minnesota with funding to help adolescents in foster care learn to be independent. Your feedback is important to inform government agencies that funding is helping to ensure successful transition to independent living. This effort is called the Minnesota Youth in Transition Database (MNYTD).

Who is asking the questions?

The initial survey is facilitated by your social worker. In later years the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) will contract with an agency to locate, contact and survey you. DHS is the state agency that oversees social services agencies in Minnesota.

Why is this important?

Each year, almost 600 youth leave foster care in Minnesota to live on their own when they turn 18. Many experience problems after leaving foster care because they do not have the resources to take care of themselves. The survey asks questions about you, and you may be contacted and asked questions each year until you turn 21. Your answers will help to improve services for foster youth.

What questions are being asked of you?

The survey will ask questions about you and the people in your life. Some of the questions you will be asked are:

  • Names, relationships, and contact information of people who might help find you each year until age 21.
  • Information about yourself, including education, employment, health insurance, housing, etc.

What do we do with your answers?

DHS will share your name, contact information and survey responses with the agency contracted to locate and survey you. DHS will also provide your survey answers to the Children’s Bureau, Washington D.C. Your name will not be provided to the Children’s Bureau.

What if I do not want to answer the questions?

Your answers to these questions are important, but you can decline to participate. By answering the questions, you are consenting to providing data and sharing information with the agencies mentioned earlier or as required by law. An incentive will be provided to youth ages 19 and 21 who participate in the survey over time.

What are my rights?

  • You can see and get copies of the information DHS has about you by contacting the Adolescent Services Unit, (651) 431-4312.
  • You have the right to choose how DHS communicates with you. For example, you may ask DHS to send all communication to your work address, instead of your home.
  • You have the right to question the accuracy of the information that DHS has about you.
  • You have the right to ask DHS to limit or restrict the way that it uses or discloses your information, but DHS is not required to agree to that request.

You can send a letter telling DHS what information needs to be changed or restricted in its use. Send your letter to the following address:
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Attn: Adolescent Services Unit
P.O. Box 64943
St. Paul, MN 55164-0943

    If you believe that your privacy rights have been violated, you can send a written complaint to:
Privacy Official
Minnesota Department of Human Services
P.O. Box 64998
St. Paul, MN 55164-64998

What are DHS’ responsibilities?

  • DHS has the responsibility to maintain your privacy, and abide by the terms of this notice.
  • If the terms of this notice change, DHS has a responsibility to contact you.

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